Taehyung Funds

V UNION Support for Kim Taehyung's Artistry

With Taehyung's upcoming birthday plus the expectations of his personal mixtape, we encourage donations to be focused on KTH1 and V DAY, along with the charting of V's current songs, future releases or features.Please choose where you wish to direct your contribution. For specific use, please note in PayPal or send us a message.

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Thank You

Please be assured that your donation has been received. Any amount is appreciated as we work towards promoting Taehyung's artistry and funding his music with your kind support.

Find V UNION on TwitterInstagramFacebookYouTube

Find V UNION on TwitterInstagramFacebookYouTube

Find V UNION on TwitterInstagramFacebookYouTube

If you're unable to donate here, please send us a message for alternative payment solutions.

Find V UNION on TwitterInstagramFacebookYouTube

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Our KTH1, Charting or Promo links allow you to donate with either Debit or Credit Card, besides PayPal.We also facilitate alternative donation solutions. Please send a direct message to @TaehyungFunds for further details or contact @AskVunion for more information.If you would like to use PayPal, register here and link your bank card to the account.